A new Gallery has opened in Sydney., lets hope it keeps us out of trouble..

Sometime ago I made a career suggestion to Mark Smyth a friend who had left his banking career and was looking for something to do. I had been painting away for years, luckily turning over my work to a largely private group of clients, but becoming a bit of a hermit.

We started shopping around for a location, and until we stumbled into the Wellington St property, our idea seemed like it wouldn't come to much.

Designing and building it has been torture, but hopefully worth the effort.

We are taking a different approach to most galleries in that rather than  just representing a group of artists, we have chosen to be as close to contract free, what we will exhibit will be more merit based.

I also wanted a Gallery with a social conscience, so we will be organizing several fund raising exhibitions every year, the first I hope will be in partnership with Sentry One to assist our Veteran community and their families.

My ambition is to start an art school associated with the gallery, the building has plenty of space and I just need to figure how I can achieve it.

I have built a studio in the gallery (the lighting should be better than my apartment and there is room to fling paint) so maybe I will be a little more social.


when two old men have nothing better to do...